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When you walk into our store here in Houston, Texas, you will find an incredible selection of soccer uniforms, jerseys, shoes, shin guards, jackets, warm ups, training suits, soccer shoes, and cleats.

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The Soccer and Tennis Superstore!

Our business is soccer and tennis. We carry soccer brands like Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Puma, Lotto, Diadora, Fila, Kelme, Asics, Joma, Reebok, ULHSport, Kappa, Sondico, Mizuno, Voit, Spalding, Mueller, Concord, Eescord, Garcis, Atletica, Arza, Boro, Atomic, Jogo, High Five, Score, Teamwork, Torino, Ardex, Marval, Tecbo, Hummel, and Xara.

Soccer uniform replicas features great European club teams like: Manchester United, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Ajax, Juventus, Chelsea, and Valencia. National teams like, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, United States, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Nigeria, Senegal, Scotland, Ireland, Colombia, Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and many more...

Our tennis brands features: Tail, Kaelin, Lilys of Beverly Hill, LBH, FILA, Reebok, Diadora, Prince, Lejay, Balle De Match, Ellesse, Head, Wilson, KSwiss, Women's Tennis, Men's Tennis, Youth Tennis, Tennis Shoes, Tennis Racquets, and Tennis accessories like: strings, over grip, replacement grips, tennis bags, tennis balls, and even ball machines!

Other items in our stores include: basketball uniforms, football uniforms, volleyball uniforms, track and field shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, and lacrosse equipment.

A Brief History of Soccer
Throughout ancient history, humans have enjoyed kicking a variety of different objects - bundled cloth, animal bladders and skins, and even human skulls just to name a few. How far back can we trace the origins of soccer? An early cave painting in France depicts an individual kicking some type of object. We definitely know through the discovery of artifacts, early Sumerian’s played a game that involved kicking a tightly bound piece of cloth. Ancient Greeks and Romans also played a game that entailed carrying and kicking a ball. During the time of the Frankish King Charlemagne’s campaigns (late 8th century AD), barbarian soldiers would compete in a game of speed, agility and accuracy, by racing across open fields kicking their opponents dismembered heads.

Are these historic activities early examples of the development of soccer? Probably not! However, we are certain that the origins of modern soccer can be traced back to the 17th century, with the British defining the game in the 19th century. During this period, the development of soccer game rules/regulations, soccer uniforms, shin guards, soccer balls and soccer equipment can all be linked to our modern game. There is no question however, that the most dramatic soccer uniform and equipment refinements occurred in recent decades. The development and growth of companies like Nike,Adidas, Puma, Teamwork, Admiral, Atletica, Joma and High Five has contributed to a host of technological advancements such as synthetic soccer balls, light-weight moisture management soccer uniforms, and lighter/more maneuverable soccer shoes. These companies realize that if a soccer player is to perform at his/her best, soccer apparel and footwear should be light and comfortable. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Teamwork, Admiral, High Five, Atletica, and Joma also realize the importance of durability, visual attractiveness and affordability.

You Better Warm-up First!
There are a number of quality warm-ups to choose from this upcoming season. Nike’s fall line-up consists of the Men’s United Knit Jacket and Pant, Men’s Classic Knit Jacket and Pant, Men’s Total 90 Team Warm-up, Nike Classic Woven Jacket and Pant, and Total 90 Rain Jacket and Pant. The Nike’s Women’s side features the Unified Knit Jacket and Pant, Unified Woven Jacket and Pant. The Unified Knit warm-up and the United Knit warm-up both incorporate the latest in Dri-Fit technology.

Adidas keeps pace with many of its old standbys, as well as some newcomers.  The adidas line-up includes the United Training Suit, Escudo Training Suit, United NCAA Training Suit, Samba Training Suit, Torneo Full-Zip Training Top and Samba Training Pant, United Training Top and Pant, and Big Game Warm-Up and Pant. Here too, adidas incorporates ClimaCool, ClimaWarm, ClimaProof and ClimaLite technologies. 

An Ever-Changing Soccer Internet Market
Years ago when we first entered the internet market, consumers had fewer alternatives. With time, the internet market for and soccer equipment has grown rapidly and become much more competitive.  Failing to realize the importance of customer service, internet security, competitive pricing and quality products, many companies fell by the wayside.

Listed below are some of the factors that have contributed to the success of Soccer and Tennis.

1) Quality Soccer Products by Reputable Manufacturers
Soccerandtennis is an authorized team dealer for such manufacturers as Nike, Adidas, Puma, High 5, Teamwork, Admiral, Joma, Atletica and many more. Quality and service are common denominators of all of the manufacturers we represent. 

2) Discount Soccer Uniforms, Discount Soccer Warm-ups, and Discount Soccer Equipment
By combining discount soccer prices with quality soccer products, you’ll have “one happy customer.” Soccer and tennis takes pride in offering some of the lowest pricing on team orders. That’s right! Our goal is to offer name brand soccer apparel such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, High Five, Teamwork, Joma, and Atletica for lower prices than our competition. We also make every effort to match or beat our competitors’ prices on all soccer team apparel.

3.) Do you think you should receive a bigger discount with larger orders?
We couldn’t agree more. To receive a price break for larger orders, just call one of our customer sales representative’s toll-free.

4) A secure Website for Soccer Uniforms, Soccer Warm-ups and Soccer Equipment
The importance of internet security goes without saying. But, it’s not only the security of the internet site that’s important. In business since 1987, Soccer and tennis takes great pride in our long-standing reputation of honesty and fair business practices within the industry.

An Evolving, Innovative Market
Developments in uniform design are accelerating with each passing decade. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Joma, Admiral, High Five, and Teamwork are continually introducing new high tech materials and innovations. Their goal is to develop the optimum soccer uniform that is light, comfortable, helps regulate body temperature, and resists odors and mildew.

Soccer Jerseys and Shorts
It’s plain and simple; the correct selection of soccer jerseys and soccer shorts enhances a team’s ability to perform better. Nike and Adidas have led the way in the development of moisture management.  Moisture management fabrics grab sweat and move it away from the skin to help regulate body temperature.  Jerseys, shorts and socks made with moisture management fabrics keep the player comfortable and dry.

In the old days, everyone wore cotton.  But, when cotton gets wet, it stays wet. So, on hot days, you'd feel the heat and your skin would chafe. On cold days, the water stayed near your skin and turned to a chill when the wind blew. New micro fibers like Nike Dri-FIT or adidas ClimaCool are designed to grab water molecules and actually move them away from your skin. The moisture is transported to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates. Most moisture management fabrics also resist odors and mildew and won't shrink. The soccer uniforms are soft and flexible. Many of the seams have been hidden, making the clothes even more comfortable and reduces chafing.

Cotton Blends: These are a little better than all cotton. The percentage of nylon, acrylic or rayon in a soccer uniform will help keep the uniform dryer; but, the cotton fibers tend to hold water.

Nylon: An exceptionally strong, elastic fabric that is low in moisture absorbency and is easily pre-colored or dyed. It's easy to care for.

Polyester: A lighter more breathable, durable fabric.  It is low in moisture absorbency and easy to care for.

CoolMax: Made and patented by DuPont, CoolMax is a four-channel spun polyester fiber engineered to move moisture and quickly evaporate perspiration. It's light and dries quickly.

ClimaLite, ClimaCool and Dri-Fit Technologies
ClimaLite, ClimaCool and Dri-Fit technologies regulate your body's microclimate. The front liner has CoolMax built in to wick sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Nike popularized moisture management with Dri-FIT technology. It was one of the first patented moisture management systems on the market. Now that it has been around for years, more athletes benefit from staying sweat free. By providing the ultimate in moisture management, Dri-FIT can help you perform better.  Nike is proud to introduce the new Centenario Game Uniform, Brasilia Pro Vent Uniform and the Rio Game Uniform to this year’s Dri-Fit lineup.

The history of adidas is one of consistently meeting the evolving needs of the athlete. By focusing on function, adidas strives to provide athletes with clothes that can make a tangible difference in their performance. ClimaCool was introduced by adidas to provide soccer jerseys and soccer shorts with moisture management and ventilation. It is a highly breathable fabric that ventilates and wicks moisture quickly away from skin. ClimaCool keeps athletes cool, dry and comfortable. It ventilates in critical heat zones.

What about Socks?
The right soccer socks will make the most of the design features in your shoes. For example, a bulky, ill-fitting sock could counter the stability you're getting from a motion control soccer shoe. Good socks will also keep your feet dry, warm and free of blisters.

Feet sweat. On tough all-day hikes or while running a marathon, your feet can produce up to two cups of sweat, as much as a big glass of water. The same moisture management rule applies to socks. Cotton soaks up water. So cotton socks will get wet and stay wet. Wet feet get blisters! A hi-tech synthetic material will wick moisture away from your skin.

Here again, Nike and adidas have led the way in soccer sock technologies. Adidas’s Elite sock, Montreal sock, and Copa Edge sock are renowned for their reinforced heels, mesh construction, half-cushion foot and ribbed arch support.  Nike’s Total 90 sock and Classic sock offer smooth toe seams and finer gauge for additional lateral stretch.  Both Nike socks also offer extra cushioning to enhance the comfort of your shoe and give your foot added protection from the repeated impact of running.