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Wholesale Soccer Uniforms

We represent factories in China, Colombia, and Thailand.
Now you can purchase soccer uniforms at wholesale prices!

Our uniforms are exact replicas of famous and popular teams throughout the world of soccer. We use the finest microfiber polyester with moisture wicking properties. Our team logos are embroidered. We can print your own sponsors per your requirements.

*A set consists of 1 jersey and 1 shorts.

100 - 200 Sets
$25.00 per set
201 - 300 Sets
$24.00 per set
301 - 400 Sets
$23.00 per set
401 - 500 Sets
$20.00 per set
501 - 600 Sets
$19.00 per set
601 - 700 Sets
$18.00 per set
701 - 800 Sets
$17.00 per set
801 - 900 Sets
$16.00 per set

Quality Details

The following brands are great for large volumes because of their pricing, and available styles and colors:


Prices vary depending on quantity. Call us for pricing!

Purchasing for a soccer club? Or maybe a league?
Need 200 to 2000+ uniforms?
We recognize that you have enormous demand! Regular team discounts do NOT apply to you!