Custom Make Your Uniform!

Custom Embroidered Patches

Team Patches - Order a patch of your favorite team for your polos, jackets, sweatshirts, and caps! They come with an adhesive back and can be ironed to your clothes.

Custom Patches for Teams - Have an idea for a patch? We can make it for you!
You can use 1 - 4 colors in your patch.
$4.00 per patch when ordering 20 patches. Prices are lower with larger quantities.
20 patches minimum order.
Delivery in 2 weeks.

Call us for a quote per patch on larger quantities!

Custom Patches for Large Orders - Great for schools, sports teams, factories, clubs, and for any group proud of their logo!
Fast Production and Delivery!
You may use as many colors for your design as you like!

Call us for a quote!

Here are some patches we've already done!